Detroit woman wanted a dead tree on city property removed because it was looming over her home

Call For Action team cuts to the root of the issue

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A dead tree on Detroit city property plagued a grandmother for years.   When she couldn't get the city's attention, she decided to ask the Call For Action team to help.

Pearlene Jackson had always enjoyed watching her children and grandchildren play under the huge canopy of leaves in the front yard. 

That is…until the tree started dying and dropping dangerous debris.

"I was nervous about it because I was afraid it was going to hit me in the head and knock me out or something because the limbs was huge," said Jackson.

She would not even park her car in the driveway for fear those heavy branches would come crashing down on top of her vehicle.

So a few years ago, she started calling the city's Forestry Department regularly to ask them to cut the tree down.

She received only excuses; there was no action.

A friend of hers recommended she contact WXYZ's Call For Action team to see if we could get this tree down before it hurt someone or damaged her property.

Less than a month after Ms. Jackson made that call, the city of Detroit sent workers to cut down the tree.

"I was so happy!  My son called to tell me because I was at a friend's house," she recalled.

Now only a stump remains, and Ms. Jackson no longer worries about those threatening limbs.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Channel 7," she smiled.

If you'd like some help with a consumer issue, you can reach our Call For Action volunteers three days a week on the phone.  The number is (248) 827-3362.

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