FOLLOW UP: Call For Action team helps Fraser woman who wants roofing job finished

From the shingles to the gutter, she's "satisfied"

FRASER, Mich. (WXYZ) - A 69-year-old Fraser woman just wanted a leaky roof fixed…last November.  She called the Call For Action Team, and we got involved – not once…but twice.

"In the middle of the roof right there you can see it going down," said Cathy Bacon pointing to a ripple-like effect in some of her shingles.

It was a week ago when she showed us what concerned her about the roofing project at her home. She also was upset about an unfinished gutter and some roofing trash left behind.

"My son…went up there, and he got all these nails that were loose," she said while pouring out some nails she'd found and saved in a pill bottle.

The problem started last fall when her roof was leaking.

The unemployed senior had been approved for emergency relief assistance from the Department of Human Services for a new roof.

Bacon paid her portion in November.

But the state didn't cut the roofer a check until March .

After he finally got his money, Bacon says he still did not show up.

So, she turned to our Call For Action team to prompt him to finish the job.

And once it was done, her son Mike -- a medical supply salesman who used to do roofing -- pointed out where he suspected bad wood had not been replaced.

"Right here I can feel like the wood has already given way." Said Mike Bacon while he stepped on a portion of roof that appeared to be sinking slightly.

So, I called the roofer.  I asked him to return to finish the job and to make sure the Bacons were 100% happy with his work.

A week later I came to see Cathy and to check on the work.

The gutter was fixed, the project's trash was gone, and the Bacons say the roof had been shored up.

"Everything seems to be fine. And he told me that if I have any trouble with that roof I was to call him," explained Ms. Bacon.

The new roof is under a 15-year warranty.

 "I appreciate what you did for me. You guys are wonderful," added Bacon.

If you have a consumer issue, maybe our Call For Action team can help you.

Just call (248) 827- 3362 between 11:30 and 1:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.

Or you can email them by filling out a complaint form on the Call For Action page on




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