Fraser senior contacts Call For Action team after roofing job stretches for months and months

Homeowner worries bad wood was not replaced

FRASER, Mich. (WXYZ) - Cathy Bacon's roofer started working on her leaky roof last November.  When the job was still not finished almost six months later, she called the Call For Action team for help.

"It was leaking in the kitchen," explained Bacon.

The unemployed 69-year-old could not afford it. 

So she applied to the Michigan Department of Human Services for Assistance.

The Department approved an estimate from a roofer who had knocked on her door after seeing missing shingles.

"He said he did good work, and he said he'd get the job done 1, 2, 3," she recalled.

The roofer started the job in November after Bacon paid him her portion. 

But she says he didn't finish the work for months because he was waiting for his check from Human Services.

Bacon says he still didn't show up to finish the job when he did receive the money.

"I called for action when he didn't show up.  He got his money.  And he didn't show up to finish the roof," said Bacon.

After our Call For Action volunteers contacted the roofer, she says he returned in April. 

He finished the shingles, but he didn't complete the gutter work in the back of the home.  He also left behind old shingles and splintered wood.

"My son – he went up there [on the roof] and got all these nails that were loose," said Bacon pouring out the nails she kept in a bottle.

When he was on the roof, Mike Bacon discovered another concern.

"In the middle of the roof right there, you can see it going down," she said pointing to a subtle dip or two in shingles.

Her son Mike – a medical supply salesman who used to do roofing – showed us where he believes bad wood was not replaced.

"Right here I can feel like wood has already given way," said Mike Bacon as he stepped on some portions of the newly shingled roof that dipped slightly.

At the top of the work proposal, the roofer agreed to replace all bad wood on the roof deck.

So I talked with the roofer on the phone to explain the Bacons' concerns.

The roofer agreed to come back to the home to fix any problems and ensure that the Bacons are 100-percent happy with his work.

We set a schedule, and the 7 Action News's Call For Action team will be watching.

If you have a consumer complaint, you can reach the Call For Action team by phone at (248) 827-3362 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  You may also email your complaints here.

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