Inkster woman deals with frustrating water leak after she says the city installed a new meter

Four months of drip, drip, drip…

INKSTER, Mich. (WXYZ) - Water has been worrying Shirley Shockley.   The retired school psychologist has lived in the same home for 41 years, and she's never had a leak.  That is…until this past February.

Shockley told 7 Action News that the city of Inkster required her to have a new meter installed in February.

"This is the water meter. This is the new one that [the city of Inkster] put on. The pipes were leaking from here," said Shockley pointing to the right of the new meter.

That part of the pipe goes into her home – not outside -- so the city told her it was her responsibility to have it fixed.

"I got mad because they had the contractor come here to install the meter, threaten to cut my water off if I didn't allow it. Then once the meter was installed, my pipes began a leak," she explained.

She said she noticed the leak about a week after the new meter was installed and claims the pipe was not leaking before that.

She refused to call a plumber because she thought the city should be held responsible.

"I've gone up there. I've called, and no one would call me back for weeks," she said talking about her attempts to reach the Inkster Department of Public Services.

She said one repairman was sent by the city finally, but she said the leak got worse after his visit.

Inkster's Department of Public Services did not return our call for comment before this article was published.

Shockley showed our crew water stains on the basement floor beneath the water pipe.

She was afraid to attempt to fix the leak herself.

So she called the Call For Action team for help.

It took some time, but finally she got a call from the Deputy Director of Inkster's Department of Public Services.

"As a matter of fact, when [he] called me, he said, ‘Ms. Shockley. You called Call For Action on us.' I said, 'I sure did. I sure did. And now I'm getting a call from you,'" she smiled.

He sent someone over to look at the leak, and the repairman fixed it on the spot.

"It hasn't leaked since," she said with relief.

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