Local man calls the Call For Action team when his driveway repair starts cracking

(WXYZ) - Getting your driveway repaved isn't cheap, especially when it is longer than the average one.

So when a Taylor man paid thousands of dollars to get his fixed, but didn't get the service he needed, he reached out to our Call For Action team for help.

Jason Von Mueller expected quality work when he coughed up more than $2500 to have his driveway repaved, however he wasn't happy.

"Within a few days the driveway had cracks," says Von Mueller.

Jason says that he tried calling Advanced Asphalt, but he didn't get a response so he waited. A week or so went by but he still didn't get a response. 

His mother suggested he contact our Call For Action team since he had a one year warranty.

"After you guys called him, he called me back that day and said he had been out of town." Jason says that is untrue but the owner says he was. "I just felt like I was getting the runaround!"  

Eventually they did show up and repave the driveway.

The owner tells me that he never heard from our team despite our records showing they called him on July 16th.

If you need some help solving a consumer problem contact the Call For Action team at 248-827-3362 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30am-1:30pm or go to WXYZ.com and fill out a complaint form.

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