Mobile phone mix-up prompted a Macomb County woman to email us for help

Cancer survivor tried for months to sort out issue

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) - A Mt. Clemens woman just wanted a simple camera phone.  But after several months of receiving models she did not order, she e-mailed our Call For Action team.

When you meet 59-year-old Debby Bradley, her bright smile doesn't reveal how much she's been through. 

Since 2008, the grandmother of seven has battled liver cancer and aplastic anemia.

Her hair has grown back, and she is now in remission.

But her bank account is depleted due to all her medical bills.

Because she is on disability and falls within the income guidelines, she qualified to get a mobile phone through Virgin Mobile's Assurance Wireless -- a program for people on certain public assistance programs or those with a low income.

"I got the best [phone] they had at the time in that program which was a refurbished phone," said Bradley.  "It was only 35-dollars originally which was a great deal for me."

She paid in cash at a local store.

But she learned a week later that the phone was no longer available.

So, the company -- which is owned by Sprint -- informed her that she would receive a similar cell phone in the mail.

But she got one mobile device after another lacking the features that were included in the original one she purchased.  And she said each time she had to pay more money.

She spent hours on the phone with the company trying to sort it out.

"I've had difficulties reaching people and doing things during chemo, but I never had that much difficulty or lack of respect from a company that is supposed to be about altruism and helping people," said Bradley.

So she emailed our "Call For Action" team to see if we could solve her problem.

"Even if it's a small amount, it means a lot to people to have someone fight for them," explained Bradley.

In less than three weeks after emailing the Call For Action team, Debby Bradley not only received the correct phone in the mail, but she also received a personal apology from the Vice President of Sprint.

We contacted Sprint for a comment about this case.

Lisa Brady Ketteler with Sprint Corporate Communications released this statement:

We are happy that Miss Bradley's issue has been resolved to her satisfaction. The handset that Miss Bradley wished to purchase was out of stock at the time of her order, so she was sent a comparable model to ensure that she would have service as quickly as possible.  She now has the model she requested. We appreciate Miss Bradley's business and look forward to continuing to serve her in the future.

"I'd like to tell [the Call For Action team] thank you very much," said Bradley. "They do great work. And even if it's a small amount of money, they get their butts in gear and get things done!

You can reach the Call For Action team three days a week – Monday through Wednesday – from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Just call (248) 827-3362.

You may also fill out a consumer complaint form here.

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