St. Clair Shores man who dealt with an inaccurate bill decides to Call for Action!

(WXYZ) - St. Clair Shores native Mike Vitale is retired and takes care of his sick wife. 

He doesn't have time for problems.  However, after his wife received treatment at St. John Providence Hospital, his life became more complicated because of an inaccurate bill.

For one year, Vitale received a bill every month saying that owed $402.47.  However, the bill was wrong and mike proved it with paperwork and receipts.

Mike says, "at first they told me it was a legitimate bill, then after a few months they wanted me to verify that I had paid all  my bills, which I did with certified mail three times."

Mike wasn't getting anywhere.  He spoke to corporate a few times and was ready to hire a lawyer when he saw a Call For Action story. 

This changed Mike's fortune.

He contacted our team through our website and heard back from them the next day. 

Two days after that Mike said the billing department contacted him telling him that he finally had a zero balance.

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