Warren man needed car repair work approved after a crash out-of-state during a holiday trip

His car was stuck in Alabama for about 2 weeks

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Wayne Phelps was just trying to visit family in Texas when an accident derailed his plans.  He needed car repair claims approved around a holiday, but  the process turned out to be a slower one than he expected.

"I was just fortunate that I didn't get killed," said Phelps.

The Warren man is thankful he survived the road trip to Texas.

Just two days before Thanksgiving, he says he was run off the road by a semi tractor trailer.

He said it happened on Interstate 59 outside of Birmingham, Alabama.

He described the conditions as rainy when an 18-wheeler veered into his lane causing him to crash his Chevy Malibu into the muddy median.

"The car hit a couple little cement abutments for the drains, and it tore the front wheels up real bad," he said.

Phelps had AAA Auto Insurance.

But because of the location -- and the holiday -- Phelps said it was not easy to get a claims adjuster to approve the repair work at the dealership where his car had been towed.

Six days passed, and still there was no progress.

So he decided to cal the Call For Action team.

"Triple A was always nice to me. It wasn't that they weren't nice on the phone," he explained. "Nothing was getting done."

Within 15 minutes, he received a call from AAA saying the adjuster approved the claim.

Then the Call For Action team gave him a number to call in a week to make sure the case progressed smoothly.

But then there was a new bump in the road.

"On Tuesday, they had found out the strut had got bent," said Phelps.  "But they wanted the claims adjuster to come look at it again."

During this second week after the wreck, he was told the claims adjuster was now on vacation -- which put the brakes on his plans to leave again.

So he called us back.

Within about ten minutes of that call, some good news.

"I called the dealer, and they said they'd gotten approval from Triple A to get it fixed," he explained.

Phelps says he's always been a fan of AAA, and he is thankful the claims were approved.

A Triple A  spokesperson told us agents had been communicating with Mr. Phelps and working on the case diligently before the "Call For Action" team contacted the insurance agency.

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