Warren woman's dental insurance seemingly disappears without explanation, so she asked us to help

Detroit retiree's dental insurance dilemma

WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Mary-Alyce Lubiszewski was thrown for a loop when she received her bill after a recent dental appointment. 

The bill was for $592.00. 

"My insurance should have covered half of it," said Lubiszewski.  "They weren't going to cover any of it.  I said, ‘What?!'"


Lubizewski had always had benefits through the city of Detroit.

She retired after working 30 years at the main branch of the Detroit Public Library.
When she called Blue Cross Blue Shield to find out what happened to her benefits, she was told her number didn't match up to anything they had.

So she started trying to reach somebody who could help her.

She called the benefits department, the city pension board, and the Detroit Retired City Employees Association.

After five weeks of leaving messages and even sending one letter, she had received no response.

"It was very frustrating. It was just mind-boggling.  It's like where do I go from here."


So she called our Call For Action team.

Our volunteers gave her some new numbers to try and checked in with her each week. 
Finally, she got somebody on the phone.

"She started going into the computer, and she says I'll have to call you back.  There's more work involved than I thought. And she called me back within like two-and-a-half hours.  And she says I've got everything worked out," explained Lubiszewski.

She said it appeared the whole problem was the result of a numerical typo.

Lubiszewski had an appointment at the end of October.  Fortunately, when she got the bill, no payment was due.

We asked the city of Detroit for a comment, but so far we have received no response.

The future may be uncertain for many retirees because of the city's bankruptcy filing, but Ms. Lubiszewski is relieved this particular issue was resolved.

 "If you've got a problem, Call For Action is going to help you out. Believe me," said Lubiszewski.

If you need help with a consumer problem, email your complaint to our Call For Action team here.


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