A Microsoft tech support scam people are falling for

Don't Waste Your Money

(WXYZ) - They're calling it the biggest phone scam of 2013.  And it is so sophisticated, that even savvy people are falling for it. Computer security firms are warning about a Microsoft tech support scam, that now appears to be exploding nationwide. This cold calling scam first surfaced a couple of years ago, but people are now getting scammed every day.

Jim Eyster is a victim of this scam and says it is very easy to fall for this.  He had a lot of problems with his laptop, including lockups and blue screens.

He was relieved when the phone rang and the caller said he was with Microsoft support.

The caller said Microsoft, during a routine scan, found Jim's laptop filled with viruses.

"I was gullible, and he could show me where the viruses were, and so I let him take control of the mouse," Eyster said.

Eyster says the man directed him to a page on his PC that appeared to show it overrun with viruses.

He said he could remove them for $100, on a credit card.  But Eyster got suspicious at that point, and good thing:  it was all a scam.  The errors they show you are not viruses at all.

Computer technician Tina Wolf said, "they are calling about Windows errors.  Everybody has Windows errors.  So immediately you are listening."

Wolf says one of her customers paid hundreds to remove the non-existant viruses.

"He spent an hour on the phone and at the end of the hour, they told him they were going to charge him $300," said Wolf.

Microsoft will never call you unsolicited.  It says this is a foreign scam to collect credit card numbers and install malware.

If you have PC problems, it's so convincing.

Bottom line:  If Microsoft calls you, hang up.  They will not call you about a problem with your computer...and if you fall for this, you'll have a lot more problems than you had before.

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