Apple, Microsoft glitches haunt gadgets

The complaints continue to roll in about glitches with the newest operating systems from Microsoft and Apple.

It has now been a month since Apple released its big operating system upgrade, iOS 7.

By now, you would expect the bugs to have been worked out. But quite the contrary: Users are reporting even more problems as the weeks go on.

A new report on Yahoo News from the BGR blog claims "iOS 7 is taking a beating in extensive user experience."

It says Apple has still not resolved some of the first complaints about the upgrade, and says more and more have surfaced in recent weeks.

And it appears an iOS 7.1  and 7.2 update fixed only a few of the initial issues raised by customers.

What Still Isn't Working Right

The major complaints continue to be:

    -Shorter battery life on older phones that have upgraded. (Turning off automatic app updating helps with that issue).

     -Problems receiving text messages, with some messages delayed hours and even days. (Rebooting sometimes helps, or turning off iMessage)

    -3D animation making people sick (The good news is that it can be easily turned off).

    -Apps logging out without warning (No fix other than trying a reboot).

    -Blue screens of death, which until now were considered a Microsoft windows problem. (No fix, but this problem appears extremely rare).

      -Problems connecting iPads to external, non Apple keyboards, or home WiFi networks. (Reboot, reboot)

Apple says it is aware of the bugs that still  remain for some users, and says it hopes to fix them with another upcoming update.

A number of websites list step by step solutions, here is one from

Can You Go Back to iOS 6?

Many people are asking if they can switch their phones to the old iOS 6: The answer for now is "no," but that may change if Apple continues to get complaints.

Some iHackers claim there are ways to do it, but you run the risk of "bricking" your phone. 

And beware websites that claim they have a downloadable version of iOS 6:  you can't be sure what you are downloading.

Plenty of Windows 8 Problems Too

For Microsoft fans, all this sounds familiar, as Windows 8 has been plagued by glitches since its rollout a year ago.

From the missing Start button to apps that won't low, Windows 8 laptops and tablets have their share of trouble.

However, Microsoft has just released a long-awaited update, which fixes many of the glitches, and even restores a version of the Start button to the home page.

Apple will sort out all its glitches, as well.  It's just that Apple fans don't have as much patience for features that don't work as designed.

As always don't waste your money.

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