How you can spend without breaking the bank this holiday season

Don't waste your money

(WXYZ) - Deal or no deal...the reality is the holiday shopping season can put a real strain on people who end up busting budgets in the quest for the perfect present.  Here are some tips to ease the financial burden of the holidays.

Whether your fingers are doing the shopping or you're hitting the mall, deals are king again this year.

Our money coach Robin Thompson tells us not to let the deal dupe you into spending more than you actually intend.

Robin runs Budget Wise Consulting and yes, she's a fan of budgets.  First, she says figure out how much you have to spend this holiday season and then how much you'll spend on each person...and stick to it.  And if deals are king, cash is queen.

And what about if money's real tight this year?  Robin says don't hide it from your family.

She suggests a handwritten note letting people in your life know how much you care about them.  It may actually be the gift they remember most.

Robin is also a big fan of the gift that keeps giving.  For the person who has everything consider a gym or museum membership.  You could even make a donation to an organization that the person supports.


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