Milford mom is a stay-at-home CEO, who makes and sells reusable glass straws

MILFORD, Mich (WXYZ) - Daedra Surowiec wears many hats. She's a cook, a tutor, a playmate… and a stay-at- home CEO. Her company is called Strawesome, and as the name suggests, she makes straws. But not your traditional straws, these are reusable glass straws.

Big Business

Last year, she sold $180,000 in straws, and she makes them all right in her Milford garage.

"This is the strongest glass you can commercially purchase," Daedra explains. "My husband likes to say this is actually the glass they use in the space shuttle. It's the window in the space shuttle."

An important fact for parents to know. Daedra says in the 5 years she's been making these straws, her kids have broken only 2. Many others have fallen on the ground, but didn't break.

The Road To Being An Entrepreneur

Daedra never expected to be an entrepreneur. She quit her job after her son Adam was born. The recession hit soon after and her husband's start-up company was hit hard. They lost their house, and had to move in with Daedra's parents.

The couple has always prided themselves on being green. She loved the idea of a glass straw, less plastic, and maybe if kids had a favorite straw, they'd drink more healthy drinks.

After much research and a classes in glass blowing and torch techniques, Strawesome was born in 2009.

Lots To Choose From

There are your standard size straws for water or coffee, and then the thicker ones for smoothies. There are colored straws, and curved ones, and those carefully decorated. That creativity satisfies her creative side; she has a degree in art and architecture. And working out of the home satisfies the mom in her.

"Being  a mom of young children I get to be with them, I get to stay home, I don't have to put them into daycare, "Daedra says. "I get to show them that mom can be something too."

She hasn't done any marketing. But her website has allowed this Milford mom on a mission to reach the ends of the earth.

"We've shipped to Singapore, Norway, Dominican Republic. Because we have this wonderful technology in this world, a mom like me can run and business and be known world-wide."

Daedra's straws cost from $8 to $14. This year, she's expecting her sales to be around $200,000.

You can check them out at

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