The home of the future is here

(WXYZ) - Walt Disney first brought us the "House Of The Future" in 1957, with automatic dishwashers, sinks that went up and down, and hi tech wonders like electric toothbrushes. And then can forget "The Jetsons,"  and all their futuristic high tech home. The future home turned out a little differently, but it's cool none the less.

Comcast offers a futuristic system called XFINITY Home.

"This product offering gives customers a way to control and manage their home whether they're at home or on the go," explains Comcast Marketing Manager Kevin Gunkle.

Gunkle showed Action News how you can use your smartphone or tablet to remotely set your heat or air-conditioning and to turn your lights on and off. And when someone opens a door, maybe your child after school, you can have a text message sent that notifies you.

"You can also expand on that rule. And say I want to see a video of the door opening and view them getting in safe at the same time as getting the text message," Gunkle says. You do that by monitoring wireless cameras installed around your home, whether you're on a computer at work, or on the go.

Plans start at $14.95, with a $100 starter kit, and go up to $40 or $50 a month, but that includes around the clock professional monitoring.

At this time, Brighthouse and Wow! don't offer anything similar, but if that changes we'll let you know.


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