Why does Michigan have the 2nd highest gas prices in USA?

DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Gas prices in Michigan jumped 23 cents in just a few days to an average $4.10/gallon reports AAA Michigan.  The jump means Michigan now has the second highest gas prices in the country - after Hawaii.

"Usually we're mid-pack," said AAA Michigan Spokesperson Nancy Cain.  "It is very unusual for us to be this high."

Cain says the reason gas is so high in Michigan right now is that there are problems at multiple Midwest refineries responsible for our fuel.

"It's the impact of several refineries that are down for maintenance, repairs, or renovations," said Cain.

The good news is that the refineries don't expect to be down for long.  Experts say production could resume in a couple weeks, and then prices should come back down.


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