4-H Club leader suspended amid allegations of sexual misconduct with teen boy

"A wolf in sheep's clothing," is how Monroe Police Detective J.D. Wall described the owner of a local music store accused of sexual misconduct against a teen in his 4-H Club.
Robert Stumpmier, 50, has been charged with two counts of Accosting a Minor for Immoral Purposes and one count of Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct/Aiding and Abetting.
Stumpmier owns Power Play Music in downtown Monroe. And inside the store is where Stumpmier allegedly had a 15-year-old boy in a compromising position and "forced him to remove articles of clothing and took pictures of his private areas," according to Det. Wall.
Monroe Police also say Stumpmier, who is from South Rockwood, arranged for the boy to be assaulted by a 21-year-old employee of his music store.
Nathanael Rumbarger, who resides in Luna Pier, is now charged with one count of Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.
Stumpmier headed up a 4-H group that was "dedicated to improving the community and teaching the music business to its members," according to the group's Facebook page.
Action News contacted Judy See, Monroe County's 4-H Coordinator, to ask about reports that parents had made complaints about Stumpmier before, but See declined to comment and referred us to her boss at Michigan State University Extension.
Doug Brinklow, MSU Director of Communications for the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources said that Stumpmier was suspended Tuesday after the allegations came to their attention. Brinklow says he was not aware of any complaints against Stumpmier, but said he would look into it.
Both Stumpmier and Rumbarger have been arraigned and released on bond.
Action News reached Stumpmier at his story Wednesday afternoon, but he declined to comment on the case.
Investigators with Monroe Police suspect there may be additional victims and encourage anyone with any information to call (734)243-7509.
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