Two in custody after four-year-old boy shot dead by four-year-old cousin on Detroit west side

(WXYZ) - Detroit police say two people are in custody after a 4-year-old was shot and killed by another 4-year-old on the city's west side.

Authorities say a male and female are being held on felon in possession charges.

Early Friday 7 Action News was told the boy, who we are identifying only as Jamel, was shot by his cousin after she pulled out a long gun from underneath a bed at the home on the 7100 block of Tuxedo. 

As officers recover the weapon that took the life of the boy, parents in this neighborhood on Detroit's west side are thinking of those affected, and holding their own children a little tighter.

When neighbor Dennis Queensbury heard about the three children finding the loaded weapon while playing together, he says his heart sank.

"I'm hurt." said Queensbury, "I'm hurting real bad for the family."

"Every time I used to be with them, they would always be laughing and be coming across the street to my house and ask if I want to play with them," said Olivia Queensbury. "The little boy always had a smile on his face, I could tell you that."

"The child was in a back bedroom of the home along with two other children, a 4-year-old and another 5-year-old." said Captain Rodney Cox with Detroit Police, "There was a 4-year-old girl who found a long gun and shot at the other four-year-old, who was fatally wounded. There was an adult at the time of the shooting."

It's still unknown exactly where that adult was in relation to the children. Officers were seen searching a nearby garbage bin for clues in the investigation.

"I mean, it could happen to anybody's child if they don't put the guns up or lock it up." said Dennis Queensbury.

The tragedy hits home not only for this father, but for Queensbury's young son Jaden who couldn't help wipe away tears looking at the house across the street..

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