6th grader's Facebook threat prompts Lincoln Park school to suspend

Police say student did not bring gun to school

LINCOLN PARK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Parents in Lincoln Park are debating Facebook's role in their children's lives after an elementary school suspended a 6th grader for posting a violent threat online.

"I will not allow my kids to have Facebook [accounts] until I am ready." said Heather Pugno, who says she's fully aware of this brave new world, where cyber threats prompt serious action. Pugno's child goes to Lincoln Park's Foote Elementary, where a 6th grade student's Facebook threat to shoot one of his peers at school got around to school administrators.

"To be saying stuff like that on the computer, it worries me because my kids go to school there." said Pugno, "What if someone was to bring a gun, you know?"

Lincoln Park Public Schools declined to comment on the situation, but Lincoln Park Police tells 7 Action News the student who made the threat didn't actually bring a gun to school, but school officials pulled him from class and suspended the child. Parents in the district say they're pleased with the school's swift action.

"It's just good the school did call the cops." said Pugno, "They acted fast enough and they took care of it."

"I think the kids are allowed too much freedom with Facebook," said parent Kim Dowd, "And there's too much open communication."

Police say school leaders will meet with the 6 th grader's family next week to determine whether or not to pursue any future charges.

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