DOWNLOAD: 7 Action News launches redesigned WXYZ app that is faster, easier to navigate

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Did you get a new smart phone or tablet over the holidays? We'll, it's now time to open your present from Channel 7!
Today, you can download the new free 7 Action News app. 
This upgrade is packed with features, including faster performance, easier navigation, and stunning improvements to photos, video and readability.

Get the latest app version now: 

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We started where it matters most, by improving performance and reliability. The WXYZ app loads faster, buttons are quick to respond and the menu is simplified. The new side navigation keeps the menu a tap away while you browse content.
Now, your 7 First Alert Weather Team is right where you need them. Current conditions, hourly forecasts, 7-Day forecasts and 7 First Alert Radar are all just a touch away from the home screen.
You can also personalize your reading list with our new ‘saved stories' feature. Just tap the star on any story, and it will go to your Saved Stories list, letting you archive stories to read later. Combine that with our new "Offline" mode on iPad and you can read your saved stories whenever you want, even when you're not connected to the Internet.
Our Product Design and Development Team has also made it easier for you to read, watch and share what matters to you and your community. We chose a font style that's optimized for reading so you can enjoy more stories with less strain on your eyes.
The new WXYZ apps are available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. It's easy. Viewers can update the app already installed on their device, or download it for free. All they have to do is search WXYZ in the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, or Google Play store.
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