7 Action News takes action for residents in apartment building with no gas, electricity

(WXYZ) - We were the first to tell you how tenants at one west Detroit apartment building were living without running water, gas or electricity.  Now, we are learning more about the property owner.

According to a spokesperson for the City of Detroit, Geter Jenkins has never been in compliance since purchasing the three story apartment building. 

"The landlord has never registered her property with the city as a rental property.  She has never applied for an inspection and she didn't have a certificate of occupancy.  Nobody should have been living in this property."  said Director of Community Engagement Alexis Wiley. 

Jenkins told Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl on the phone she didn't believe she has done anything wrong.  She said some of the current and past tenants stopped paying their rent.  Without the money, she has been unable to keep up with the utilities.  According to DTE, the gas and electric was turned off at the request of the property owner, not because of non-payment.

Due to the condition of the building, it is being condemned.  Tenants are being offered to stay in a shelter until permanent housing arrangements can be made.

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