97 y.o. man says he killed great-granddaughter in bed because he was 'tired of her carrying on'

CUSHING, Okla. - He's possibly the oldest man in Oklahoma deputies have ever arrested for murder.

97-year-old Russell Eugene Dawes is accused of shooting and killing his great-granddaughter.

Thursday morning, deputies found 30-year-old Sonja James dead in her bed from a gun shot wound to the chin.

Rodger Floyd, the director of Davis Funeral Home in Cushing, said he answered a call at 8:50 Thursday morning from Dawes. Dawes told him he needed help with a dead body.

When Floyd arrived at the house just a few miles west of Cushing "he met me at the door, he told me, he'd shot his granddaughter".

He's known the elderly man since the 1980's and handled many funeral arrangements for Dawes in the last 30 years.

Floyd believes the great granddaughter moved in a few months ago to take care of Dawes.

Deputies say Dawes told them "I got tired of her carrying on and I shot her"

Floyd said while at the home "I never did feel like I was in danger at all. I stood beside him from the time he told me that, until the time the police officer got there. I stood right beside him. I would have done anything to help him. He had no gun, I was not scared of him whatsoever."

The 97-year-old, with no previous criminal history, now faces a felony.

"I went up to him, I told him, anything I could do to help him, I'd be more than happy to help him. He thanked me and he told me to take good care of his granddaughter" said Floyd.

Payne County District Attorney Tom Lee said deputies haven't finished their investigation. They are looking into an allegation the great granddaughter may have abused Dawes.

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