Ann Arbor woman victim in cyber stalking, extorsion case

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - Adam Paul Savader, 21, is charged with cyber stalking and extortion.

The whole case started with a complaint filed in Ann Arbor by a frightened student.

The student told police a man got ahold of nude photos that she kept in a private account and threatened to show them to the world if she didn't send more.

The suspect is from New York and so is the first victim, but federal agents say there are at least 15 victims.

In each case, the suspect got into private accounts, got ahold of nude photos and told the victims he would send the photos to their parents and friends -- and in one case even the Republican National Committee -- if they didn't send more photos.

He also told his victims he was fondling himself while looking at their pictures.

He would text things like "Do it now!!  Send me the photos, don't be stupid, so you want your parents to see you."

Savader is from Great Neck, New York and many of the alleged victims are young women he went to college with or knew in some way.

He was arrested and has appeared before a federal judge in New York; he is being detained and facing another hearing on Friday.

Savader will eventually be sent back to Michigan to face the federal charges and if convicted he could spend up to five years behind bars.

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