A look at Detroit's mayoral race

(WXYZ) - Running for political office requires personal sacrifice and a lot of money.

Would you still want the position if it came with a cut in pay and power?

Things will change at Detroit City Hall when the new emergency financial manager starts work, but his appointment is not stopping candidates from spending millions of dollars for the chance to occupy the mayor's seat.

Detroit is a city with a declining population and mounting debt.

Kevyn Orr's appointment as the city's first emergency manager could mean less power for the person sitting in the mayor's seat.

Candidate Lisa Howze believes the position is still worth fighting for.

"I think what's important is that people still need representative government," said Howze. "The changes that could be made or would be made under an emergency financial manager, I can fact check that…"

The city of Detroit budgets around $158,000 a year for the mayor's salary, but the emergency manager would have the power to change the amount.

"I'm not worried whether there's a paycheck attached to it," said potential mayoral candidate Benny Napoleon.

Mike Duggan will spend about $5 million on his campaign. He believes if things are done right, Kevyn Orr will work his 18-month contract, and be gone.

"I intend to put together such a strong turnaround plan and such a strong turnaround team that we persuade the governor that on January 1st 2014 to turn the city back to the elected officials that were picked by voters."

Mayor Dave Bing has not said if he will seek re-election. The primary is August 6.

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