A look into UAW VP General Holiefield's past

(WXYZ) - Many of us have seen UAW VP General Holiefield handing out hugs to politicians and working with Chrysler. But one former neighbor says there's a more frightening side.

"I heard a lot of yelling. Top of his lungs" says Gary Didia .

We're told Holiefield has terrified an ex-wife and old neighbors.

Didia says "He pushed her into the door wall. She's on the ground and he wasn't helping her up."

Records uncovered by 7 Action News further document the June 20th, 2011 incident.

"I just rang the doorbell and he comes around and this is the part that scared me the most. He just had this stern and beefy look and said mind your own *expletive* business Gary and I just went 'whoa.' Next thing you know there was four sheriffs and a motorcycle car there and they were taking him away" says Didia.

But his ex-wife never filed charges and the case went away. Holiefield did not answer the door at his home and his ex-wife could not be reached for comment.

His current wife is now home from the hospital after being accidentally shot by Holiefield as he cleaned his gun. The VP who represents Chrysler is expected to retire in a few months.

Sources tell us Holiefield has made arrangements to appear in court to address a charge of negligent discharge of a firearm.

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