A new camera that can capture smell?

(WXYZ) - Our sense of smell--it's powerful. It can make us hungry or ill or it can even bring back a memory.

A British student has developed a camera that can capture a scent and it's called "Madeleine."

Madeleine was the culmination of a year-long research project by British student Amy Radcliffe. 

The contraption is a working prototype that captures the scent of whatever is placed underneath its dome.

Gizmag reports that it's based off of technology called "Headspace Capture" that was designed for the perfume industry. A pump extracts the smell from the source and sends it across an odor trap.

The trap is made of a porous material which then absorbs the particles that make up that particular smell.

You would then, in theory, take the scent to be processed at a lab to receive a vial of that captured scent.

Amy tells 7 Action News that she is currently working on collaborating with a fragrance house in order to further develop the Madeleine.

She says that it still has a lot of development ahead until it can become a realized product.

Avery Gilbert, a sensory psychologist and blogger who says his specialty is in olfaction, points out that what she's created basically exists inside every analytical chemistry lab and the big question is whether her device would be able to preserve and reproduce a scent.

Regardless, it's just incredible to know that someday, we may be able to keep and catalog the smells around us.

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