Abducted Detroit teen escapes captor thanks to quick thinking and good Samaritan

DETROIT - Detroit Police say a 15-year-old's quick thinking potentially saved her life after she was assaulted and abducted in front of her home.

Stories like this don't always have happy endings. Fortunately for the victim and her family this story ends with the suspected bad guy in custody.

It began Tuesday night around 8 on Detroit's east side where the victim was said to be searching for her cell phone in front of her home.

She reports being hit in the back of the head and being forced inside an older Ford Taurus.

That's when she says the suspect began engaging her in a sexually explicit manner, even fondling himself.

The car was said to be driving down Commers street in Hamtramck, when the teen decided she would be a victim no more and made a break for it.

Police said she knocked on a door, pleading for help. Fortunately someone answered and called 9-1-1.

Hamtramck police responded within minutes. Based on the victim's description, police were able to capture the suspect a short-time later.

He faces several serious charges which may include kidnapping.

His name is being withheld pending arraignment which could happen as soon as Wednesday afternoon.

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