Action Team finds solution to remove dangerous tree branch

(WXYZ) - A couple of weeks ago, 7 Action News introduced you to the Markavichs who live in the 2000 block of Richard in Detroit.

For almost a month a big branch has been draped over their house after a powerful storm.
It's already done some damage, but with high winds like we had Monday, there is fear this very dangerous situation would get worse.

The Markavichs thought the city owned the vacant lot next door where the tree belongs, but they were getting nowhere with answers, so they called 7 Action News

After doing some digging, we learned the property belong to the HUD, according to the Wayne County Treasurer Department.

Several calls over the past couple of weeks to HUD yielded no results.

Taking action for the the Markavichs, we found  Modern Day Lumberjack out of Dearborn Heights. They agreed to help the Markavichs and take down the branch.

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