Ann Marie's All Star: Super Ewan! 8-year-old helps the homeless

NEW HAVEN, Mich. (WXYZ) - While the adults at school are usually the ones inspiring our kids to be kind, strive for more and make a difference, sometimes our greatest lessons come from children.

This week 8-year-old Ewan Drum is Ann Marie’s All Star.

“I want to help them and I don’t want them to be homeless anymore,” Ewan says.

For the past year and a half, he’s been trying to make a change.

“We set up in Detroit and the homeless people come in a line and we give them food and clothes,” he says.
Every 4th Sunday, the New Haven 8-year-old goes on what his family calls ‘adventures.’ He’s known as Super Ewan down there, even donning a cape.

“When I thought of going out to help the homeless people, I wanted to dress up as a super hero and do it and that’s why I wear the cape,” Ewan says.

Handing out much needed items like socks, toiletries, bedding, clothes and food to those who need it most.
They’re efforts that sent him straight to the White House, meeting the commander-in-chief himself thanks to a video contest documenting his adventures.

Now, Ewan has his classmates getting involved. Cub scouts are collecting cans and his elementary school is holding fundraisers.

“They say they want to get involved too,” he says. “They think that’s a really good thing to do.”
When he grows up, the 8-year-old All Star wants to continue the cycle of change by becoming a police officer, or a teacher.

“Other people don’t need to be treated badly like that,” he says. “All of us are equal.”

Ewan and his family are in need of donations, you can contribute to their adventures and attend a fundraiser yourself.

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