Another aide to Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano sentenced to time behind bars

WXYZ (DETROIT) - A judge sentenced a former Robert Ficano aide to a year and a day in prison this morning. David Edwards used to be second in charge over the county's information technology department.

He pleaded guilty to accepting a $13,000 bribe last year from an IT vendor who has county contracts

Edwards will also have to pay a $4000 fine and will be under supervision for two years.

Edwards is one of three former county's IT workers who has been charged as a result of an FBI probe into allegations of county wrongdoing. 

Edwards' former boss Tahir Kazmi, who headed the IT Department, pleaded guilty last year to a bribery charge and is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

Zayd Alleban was sentenced to 41 months in prison earlier this month. A jury convicted him on two counts of obstruction of justice.

The FBI started its investigation into Wayne County after the 7 action news investigators exposed a secret severance deal and other practices now under scrutiny.

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