Anti-violence rally held at Detroit churches

(WXYZ) - They sang and they prayed in a small church on Detroit's east side Friday night about a day without violence, a day without any killing.

Reverend Germany Bennett led the service and others came up to the pulpit tell the people they need to forget about the no snitching rule and help police find these criminals.

A mom who attended knows only too well the hurt of losing a loved one in a heinous crime.

Gwen Wallace's son Tyree was murdered back in November.

"They took him inside the house and they shot him multiple times and then they burned him up," said Gwen.

Police don't know who did committed the murder.

These are the kind of crimes the pastors, police and the community want to end and that's why these special services are held, not only at this church but at others on the 22nd of each month.

At the end of this service, the message was so clear. The children said it with their actions: they held up signs that read "thou shall not kill."

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