App Pic A Moment helps you search Instagram photos

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A new app is helping users visually travel back in time. 
The app is called Pic A Moment, and just like its name, users can pick date-specific moments they want to see on Instagram . 
So, say you went on vacation a week ago to New York City and wanted to see what snapshots other people took at the same time you were there. Well, all you have to do is enter the place and the time frame to find the results.
You can search general time frames, like one month ago, or you can customize your date to make it more specific.
What's also neat about the app is on the results page, you'll  find a ticker of historical events that happened on that same date. You'll also see what the weather conditions were like that particular day right at the bottom.
And if you're curious as to what's happening nearby, the app will let you see what people are taking pictures of that are geographically near you at that very moment.
The free app is currently only available for iOS  devices.
For more information on Pic A Moment, go here:
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