Apple Passbook to be accepted at Comerica Park and 13 other MLB stadiums

(WXYZ) - Major League Baseball added nine new locations to list of baseball stadiums that will accept digital tickets supported by Apple's Passbook iOS app. One of these locations is Comerica Park.

The Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers will accepted tickets stored and presented in Passbook in the 2013 season. The MLB said three more teams will support the app, but are not ready to make an official announcement.

The San Francisco Giants, New York Mets, Kansas City Royals and Boston Red Sox will continue accepting paperless tickets with Passbook.

Last week, the MLB released its 2013 version of an app for Android and iOS called "At Bat." MLB fans can use the app to purchase tickets and store them in their phones until game day. For $20, users can upgrade the app to include premium content, like live game coverage.

iOS users account for 70 percent of people using the free app. But Bob Bowman, CEO of Major League Baseball's Advanced Media Office, said that number is "shrinking every day" as Android grows in popularity.

The 2013 MLB season starts Mar. 31. The Astros will host the Rangers.

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