ARISE Detroit's Luther Keith is Detroit 2020's Person of the Week

DETROIT (WXYZ) - On Saturday, thousands of people in hundreds of neighborhoods will join together for an annual event aimed at creating a better Detroit.

And the man behind it is Detroit 2020's Person of the Week.

Luther Keith is full of optimism about his city.  He says, "If you read the national headines, by and large basically Detroit is dead—turn out the lights—it's all over for Detroit…nothing could be further from the truth."

Detroit will come back because of people like Luther Keith.

The former sportswriter is now the executive director of Arise Detroit, which is holding its 7 th annual neighborhoods day on Saturday, August 3.

Keith told us,  "It's all the more amazing, with a city with so many challenges, when thousands of people can get up and be a part of a day like this."

Around two hundred projects will be held across the city. Residents mobilized by churches, block clubs and other groups will be cleaning up, planting gardens and holding special events.

It's an event that brings the whole city together .

 "People of all colors, all races, all persuasions—all united by one belief that we want to create a better Detroit," Keith says.

The group Life Remodeled got a head start on Neighborhoods Day by partnering with Arise Detroit for a big week-long fix-up spanning 48 blocks on Detroit's north end this week.  They're even building a new home.

Luther Keith believes a city that filed for bankruptcy just weeks ago will turn it around. "Why not be part of a great story where the national magazines have on the front page—Detroit is the great comeback city—but we've got to believe it and we've got to work to make it happen."

For unifying, inspiring and acting, we honor Luther Keith of Arise Detroit as our Detroit 2020 Person of the Week.




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