Arson suspected in Livonia commercial building fire

LIVONIA, Mich., (WXYZ) - An early morning fire in Livonia appears to have been intentionally set and now the search is on for the culprit.

The damage to the building itself is minimal. You can barely tell there was a fire, but if you look closely, you see the tell tale signs of what appears to be arson.

"You usually don't have a hole that looks like it was started from the outside in. "

Livonia Fire Marshal Dan Lee says it's too early to definitively say this fire at the Jabbour Tax and Accounting was intentionally set, but it sure looks that way.

Just before six this morning crews responded to the building located in a 9100 block of Middlebelt.

"Our guys came, noticed fire coming out of the eaves, no fire showing... made forcible entry and put out a fire inside one of the small suites inside the accounting office. "

The fire was contained to the very office that sits behind the hole in the glass; another reason to believe this may have been intentionally set.

Now that the scene has cooled the investigation will begin to heat up.; among the clues is video that may come from cameras mounted around the parameter of the building.

"Some of them are not working. We don't know if that's because of the fire or because the electricity in that area may have been compromised. As soon as the owner comes and we get the warrant, we'll be able to look at it then. "

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