Aurora headband could help enhance dreams

(WXYZ) - Imagine being able to control your dreams.

It seems like something out of the movie "Inception", but the creators behind a new headband want to help people sleep better by becoming more aware of what happens while they're catching a snooze.

The Aurora headband works by measuring brain wave and eye movement activity. It also tracks body movements to figure out when a person is in their dream state.

According to the headband's Kickstarter page, when a person enters REM sleep, the headband lights up and plays sounds . Now, ideally, these lights and sounds would be subtle enough to not wake you up--but, instead, help you realize that you are dreaming while staying asleep.

In this new lucid dream state, you can choose to explore different places or do pretty much anything. The creators say that lucid dreaming also lowers stress levels and helps improve performance in your waking life.

The headband uses Bluetooth technology to transfer your dream data to an accompanying app, which lets you read about your patterns later.

The aurora headband has blown through its Kickstarter fundraising goal, raising more than $150,000 with 10 days still remaining in their campaign.

According to the Kickstarter page, the headbands will be shipped out to early supporters in February. 

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