Australia's national science agency to equip honey bees with tiny sensors

(WXYZ) - It's called swarm sensing. 

Australia's national science agency CSIRO is equipping bees with tiny sensors

Thousands of honey bees will be fitted with the sensors. The agency says its the first time a big group of insects has been used for environmental monitoring

The hope is that the tiny sensors will help farmers improve honey bee pollination and figure out some of the factors that cause Colony Collapse Disorder.

CSIRO says the senors work through radio frequency identification. The sensor is triggered and sends data back when a bee passes a certain area--similar to a car's e-tag recording.

The data will then help researchers build a model to visualize how the bees move during their day-to-day operations.

The sensors will be attached to the bees with adhesive after they have been refrigerated --which apparently puts them in a rest state.

The agency says the next stage is to make the sensors smaller so they can attach them to smaller insects. 

Read more about CSIRO's research on their website HERE:

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