Bank tried to sell Bashara home in Grosse Pointe Park for $63,865.57

GROSSE POINTE PARK (WXYZ) - The listing agent  for the house where the B ashara  fa mily lived  in Grosse Pointe Park is not saying  if Bob Bashara is behind  an attempt to sell  his former home for  $415,000.

But Action News has learned that someone might have been able to purchase the 2 ,800 square foot home on M iddle sex for just $63,865.57 last November.

According to county records, the mortgage holder, Comerica Bank, foreclosed on 552 Middlesex and tried to unload the property in a sheriff sale, but no one bought it.

We're told Bob Bashara has until May 15, 2013 to redeem the property. And though he's now in prison, he could be behind recent efforts to sell the house that is still in his name.

Bob Bashara is the suspected mastermind behind the murder of his wife Jane in the garage of the house, but at least for now, he's not been charged with the killing.

Former handyman Joe Gentz confessed to strangling Jane, but says Bashara forced him to do it at gunpoint.

Bashara is serving time for trying to hire a hitman to kill Gentz behind bars; a move prosecutors say was aimed at keeping Gentz from ever testifying against Bashara in the alleged murder plot.

When Action News called the listing agent at II Elite Real Estate Services in Roseville, we were told they would not be commenting.

And when it comes to details about a house, Michigan law obligates the seller to disclose certain conditions of the property, but declaring that someone was murdered there is not one of them.

If knowing what crimes may have taken place would affect your desire to purchase any property or how much you want to pay for it, real estate attorney Rod Dunlap suggests potential buyers do their own research, including talking to neighbors and local police. 

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