Tips on how to be prepared for severe weather

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich (wxyz) - Consumers Energy and DTE want to be sure the people of Southeast Michigan are prepared if dangerous storms come our way.

"Make sure you have food, water, medication, batteries, flashlights, maybe a generator," says Debra Dodd of Consumer's Energy. She says having a plan as bad weather approaches safeguards your family.

She says too often people don't have the supplies ready and-- even worse-- don't pay attention to the watches and warnings.

Many people we talked to admit they probably are not ready and maybe don't have enough water and supplies.

At the Aco Hardware store on M-59 in Waterford Township, the manager tells us many times people wait until after the storms hit and the power goes out to come in for flashlights and batteries.

Along with having the right supplies, the utility companies are warning people about using generators the wrong way. They say generators should be used in well-ventilated areas, not in a closed garage or space.

Lastly, the experts recommend having a family plan, a place to meet if the worst happens.

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