Mayor Bing proposes major cuts to Council funds, reducing city workers

DETROIT - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing presented his 2013-2014 Detroit budget proposal to City Council Friday. The proposal includes a plan to cut city council's budget proposal by $4M and reduce the board's staff to just one personal aide per member.

The council currently has an $11 million budget. A city consultant's report has suggested that the council be made part-time and that its staff be cut by 78 positions.

In addition, Bing recommended shifting more police officers to the streets and filling 40 EMS vacancies. The mayor also said city staff will be cut from 10,437 to 9,800.

The new budget is the first while the city is under state oversight. However, Mayor Bing confirmed that Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr had no role or influence in forming the budget.

Last month, the state hired bankruptcy lawyer and turnaround specialist Orr to control Detroit's finances as the city's emergency manager.

Detroit's budget deficit is about $327 million. The city has more than $14 billion in long-term debt.

Bing ended his budget proposal by saying "Finally, bottom line; we must manage our expenses to align with our revenue."

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