Former Birmingham Mayor Seth Chafetz faces drug charges

(WXYZ) - News of one neighbor's alleged hobby is not sitting well with those who live in Hickory Bend Circle.

One home in the Bloomfield Township neighborhood was raided last month by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team.

Inside they found meth, marijuana, and more.

According to Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, the house belongs to former Birmingham mayor Seth Chafetz.

"It's really sad to have somebody involved in something that can not only destroy their future but their life and when you see a former elected official… it's just such a waste on every level," said Sheriff Bouchard.

Police are not clear just yet on everything the 53-year-old was allegedly up to.

"There were syringes, a variety of we don't know what the liquids were," said Sheriff Bouchard.  "It could have been a precursor to methamphetamine productions… so our lab has that right now."

The enforcement team got a tip drugs was being sold out of the home.

Sheriff Bouchard told 7 Action News, undercover officers bought $100 worth of dope and that is what led to an arrest.

"This stuff is every addictive, very toxic, and very deadly," said Sheriff Bouchard.

Chaftez is now in jail.

The other person investigators think is behind the operation, 40-year-old Brian Edward Brook, is believed to be hiding out of state.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Bouchard wanted to advise others out there of the growing cases of crystal meth in the county.

"We're seeing an uptick in meth use, abuse," said Sheriff Bouchard.  "Production can now be small because they now have proliferated it into smaller operations… even in a car."

Chaftez is charged with Possession Of Methamphetamine/Ecstasy.  If convicted, he could spend 8 years in prison.

Brook is expected to be charged with Possession of Heroin, a 4-year felony.  If caught, he could face more charges.

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