Boat dedicated to fallen border patrol agent Brian Terry who was killed in the line of duty

(WXYZ) - It has been almost three years since Josephine Terry's son Brian was killed in the line of duty.

He was a border patrol agent who died during a shootout along the Arizona/Mexico border.

On Thursday, his mother-- Josephine-- says Brian would be smiling.

"He wouldn't believe it. He always used to say, 'go big or go home.' Now, he has a boat with his name!", says Brian's mom, Josephine Terry.

At the Elizabeth Park Marina on Thursday in Trenton - his mom christened the Brian A. Terry.

It's a  boat that will be used to protect our ports and prevent the smuggling of drugs and people along the border from Trenton to the mouth of Lake Erie.

"He didn't have any enemies. He was a great person. He looked out for everybody," says Kent Terry, Brian's brother.

Brian Terry's dad says his son loved his job and is proud to know those on this boat will continue his mission to protect and serve.

"I would hope that when they go on it, they know it's got a good name.  He was a good person. He was honorable," he says.

Josephine Terry felt a special closeness to him as she rode the boat bearing her son's name.

"I wish he was next to me ... I'm sure he was," she says.

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