Questionable business practices at Sarah's Bridal in Milan leaving brides dressless

MILAN, Mich. (WXYZ) - Customers at a local bridal store say they're being cheated out of their dream wedding because of some questionable business practices.

Finding the groom is the best part of the journey. Finding the dress comes a close second. In Milan, some brides- to-be found that perfect dress. They just can't get to it.

"I found one that I really want." said bride-to-be Stephanie Allen, "And it was great. We put down half up front."

It was a gown fit for Allen's big day set for this October. But in this eleventh hour of planning, Allen says when she went to pick up the $1100 dress last week, Sarah's Bridal seemed to have closed.

"[The owner] was nowhere to be found. No one was here [during business hours]." said Allen, "We tried calling, we've left messages. My dress is in there and not with me."

It's a story familiar with former customers of Sarah's Bridal. Heather Moran-Combs' wedding was nearly ruined when her bridesmaids never got their dresses after placing a $400 order.

Lori Bruce was a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding last summer. She paid up front, but never got her dress. In fact, Lori called the dressmaker and asked about her order.

"No orders were ever placed from Sarah's Bridal for our dresses." said Bruce, "I was in shock."

"It's stressful enough to get married," said Moran-Combs, "And on top of it, to not get answers from the people you trusted with this."

We tried reaching out to the store's owner, Christine Marquardt. She did not answer her door at home, nor did she return our calls.

Allen has already bought a second dress just in case. But with her dream gown still in the shop, she wants to walk into the store before she walks down the aisle.

"I don't consider myself a Bridezilla." said Allen, "I've been very calm and cool about it. But this has been very stressful. I don't know how I should react. But I am angry."

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