Brightmoor organization uses Detroit 2020 Award money to fight blight

DETROIT (WXYZ) - When Riet Schumack accepted Detroit 2020's $7,000 grant back in April she said the money would be put to good use.

And she's true to her word.

This week--some 70 young people and a few adults are tackling blight in the Brighmoor neighborhood.

Schumack's Neighbors Building Brightmoor organization is behind this annual effort.

She told us, "With the help of volunteers and the wonderful money we got from 2020, we are able to board up probably 7 or 8 houses this week and put murals on them and clean up this whole area and turn it into a pocket park for the children."

Willie Mae Jackson lives on Braille and she asked for the help for her street.  "It's being beautified and we like it.  It's looking better for us."

The kids--some from the neighborhood--and others from the metro area and even out-of-state--are all working together to make a difference here.

Emily Crouson told us, "From being here, I just get more on fire for God and just know that what I'm doing is going to help in the long run.  And even though we keep coming back and it feels like we keep mowing the same lawns, I know it makes the community better."

Jacqueline Richey was working on a mural "making ‘Let it Shine' and a sunset and the buildings of Detroit, it should turn out very nicely."

By the end of the week several houses will be boarded up and the art work will be complete. 

This street, which needs some positive change, is finally getting some.


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