Broken light pole in Detroit worries neighbors

(WXYZ) - Usually people complain about street lights being dark, but some people in one Detroit neighborhood are worried because electricity is still flowing to the light pole near their homes.

The problem: the base of street light near their homes has been ripped from the ground-- and a tree is helping keep it upright. Neighbors are worried it would only take a gust of wind to bring it crashing down.

"That's extremely dangerous." said Kia Holmes.  "It's still connected to power and it's leaning in a tree full of leaves."

The residents that live on Pinehurst street tell us the problem started this past weekend. Some of them heard a cracking sound on Saturday night. On Sunday, they noticed the pole hanging over to the side. 

Worried the leaning light post would come crashing down--- they started calling, and calling.

We're told a city repair crew did stop by-- they'd didn't secure the pole or replace it, but they did tie red danger tape warning people. It's a warning most drivers don't even notice. 

Since it was after business hours, we were unable to contact anyone with the City of Detroit to check on repairs.

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