CALL FOR ACTION: Brighton man gets payment for boat

BRIGHTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - When a Brighton man couldn't get the final payment from a company who he sold his boat to, he reluctantly contacted the Call For Action Team. 

While he feels it was the Call For Action team who got him quick results, Marine Clean attorney Jeffrey Lance Abood says that isn't the case, and Marine Clean never bought the boat. A former employee did.

John Haskin is a retired auto worker who loves living and boating on Lake Ore.  

However, his easygoing nature was tested when he decided to sell his speedboat. 

He needed to get it cleaned first so he found a company that he felt did a "good job" with boats. 

Marine Clean is where he took his boat. Once there, he told them he was looking to sell. John says, they offered to buy the boat, the two-sides agreed on a contract and then signed it. 

John says, "They gave me a down payment, then made the next payments but I never got the final payment."

The contract states the final payment was to be paid by July 3 rd of 2012.  John adds, "They would tell me something came up, something happened."

John also states that he was told a payment would be coming. 

Haskin says, "I was patient, but I never heard from them after a few conversations. Maybe they lost my number, but they know where I live?"

He decided to contact the Call For Action team for help. 

He says he did it reluctantly because he didn't want to cause problems for the people who bought his boat. 

"They were really nice. I just wanted to the final payment, no problems for them."  As soon as he called the CFA team, he said that very day he received a call saying that the final payment had already been mailed.

It took a few weeks for the check to arrive, but John had his money. 

He says he got it because Call For Action stepped in. 

However, Marine Clean attorney, Jeffrey Lance Abood says that a former employee purchased the boat. Not Marine Clean. 

The company owner is Jason Martin. He signed the contract to buy the boat, but says his name is not on the title. Therefore his company is not responsible.

Also, he says that the final payment was "in the mail" before CFA contacted the company looking for the money.

Bottom line, John got his money and would still recommend Marine Clean for anyone looking to get their boat cleaned.


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