Call for Action gets results for busy mom who dealt with delivery issue after purchasing appliances

(WXYZ) - When you buy a service at a major store you expect to get what you pay for, right?  We'll, that didn't happen for a woman from Davisburg.  Nancy Wright takes care of her three biological children, a three-year-old foster care child and a recently adopted two-year-old girl. 

She is very busy and very patient. However, her patience was tested after purchasing a new refrigerator, electric range and microwave from Best Buy.

"Best Buy set up a delivery date to deliver my new appliances into the house and remove the old ones," says Nancy.

However, that is not what happened. A third-party delivery truck subcontracted by Best Buy refused to bring her appliances into the house.  Instead, they left them at the end of her driveway on the street.    

Nancy says, "He was rude, cursing at me and flipping me off the whole time."

She quickly called the manager at the Best Buy store but didn't get anywhere. "He told me it was my problem. He said I should probably get the appliances out of the street.  He basically hung up on me.  I had to get my son and his friend to bring the items inside the house."

Nancy decided to contact the Call For Action team. "I have to tell you, the guy on the other end of the phone was a miracle worker!" In two hours, he had Best Buy Corporate on the phone with me. They apologized, gave me a three year extended warranty, a gift card and they sent a truck the next morning to pick up my old appliances that were left behind."

Nancy was grateful to know that the Call For Action team really cared! They gave her some peace in the midst of an unwanted storm.

If you need some help solving a consumer problem contact the Call For Action team at 248-827-3362 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.  You can also leave a message anytime.

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