Call For Action team helps with consumer problems

(WXYZ) - Our Call For Action team is here to help you with consumer problems that you can't solve by yourself.

During 2012, they recovered over $756,000 dollars in cash, goods and services for clients.  They have been serving the Detroit metro community for nearly 30 years. 

WXYZ has sponsored their work for the last 17 years.  This group cares, they listen and they get results.

CFA has a mission to empower people with a voice greater than their own. They obtain what has been wrongly taken or not given. 

For example, Montez Scott was diagnosed with leukemia and applied for Medicaid.  He was eligible, but was denied. His wife called CFA and they corrected situation quickly.  They were able to get him Medicaid plus a bridge card worth five-hundred dollars of groceries a month.

Evelyn Stern is the director of Call For Action and she loves what she does.

"If your calling us for something that we don't cover, we'll tell you. If we can help you, we will tell you and do our best."

Evelyn and the CFA volunteers have an office within the WXYZ building and their walls are filled with thank you cards from people they have helped over the years.


You can call the CFA team and talk with a live person on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 11:30am-1:30pm. The phone number is 248-827-3362.  You can also call anytime and leave a message.




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