Can't make an event? Send your robot avatar

(WXYZ) - Can't make an event? Maybe you can send a robot avatar. 

They're called Anybots--and the robots will help you have a virtual presence at places you can't be physically.

The robots have a speaker, camera and video screen. Users are connected to the avatar over WiFi, controlling the Anybot  from a browser anywhere in the world. Anybots, Inc. says on their website that users drive it by using four arrow keys-moving it to turn, go forward or backward.

The robot can even stream video of you live wherever you are as you navigate around the event or workplace.

The company says the Anybot can come in handy for physicians who want to see patients remotely, or for business professionals who want to have a presence at a big meeting overseas.

The bot only weighs about 32 pounds. But it is costly.

They're available to rent for around $325 per day-or you can buy one for about $10,000.

A spokesperson for Anybots tells me shipping costs for events can range around $600 to and from a location.


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