Casteel convicted of terrorism for shooting at vehicles in terrifying spate of attacks

(WXYZ) -
A jury at Livingston County Court decided Raulie Casteel is guilty of 7 counts including terrorism for shooting at cars on or near I-96 in four counties in October 2012.
For jurors it wasn't an easy decision.
Even though Raulie Casteel told them he shot at cars, he took the stand and insisted he isn't a terrorist.
The reason? Mental illness.  He told the jury he thought he was shooting at demons when he shot at 23 vehicles..  Since his arrest he has received treatment and knows he wasn't thinking rationally, he said. 
While deliberating the jury decided they needed to hear his testimony a second time before reaching a decision.  The judge played it for them. 
During the trial the jury also heard from victims.  A dad taking his family to a park, a mom who had just picked a child up, and a young woman on the way to visit a friend are just some of those who testified. 
They told jurors the 44-year-old Wixom man didn't just shoot at them.  He created terror. 
No one was seriously injured during the shootings. 
Casteel is scheduled to be sentenced March 3 at Livingston County Court in Howell. He faces up to life in prison. 
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