Clinton Twsp woman attacked inside her appartment

CLINTON TWSP - A brutal attack in Macomb county leaves a 33-year-old woman fighting for her life and a suspect behind bars facing serious charge.

It happened last night… just before midnight Sunday at the green valley apartments in Clinton Township.

Police tell 7 Action News the suspect wont be arraigned until Tuesday at the earliest. They want to make sure they do everything by the book because of the overwhelming evidence against the suspect who was caught by police inside the victim's apartment.

"She's got they said seven fractures in her face, a broken nose and they're trying to figure out if she's got internal injuries. "

The victim's mother did not want to be identified but she spoke with 7 action news about the attack… she even showed pictures of her daughter before and after the assault and they are so graphic, we've decided not to show them.

This sad story begins with a knock on the door around 11:15 Sunday, September,15.

"He was banging on the door. She called the police. It had quieted down and in the meantime she thought he was gone. "

But he wasn't gone. According to police reports, the suspect waited and knocked again. Only this time he was claiming to be with the police department.

"She opened the door thinking it was them and he over took her and just pummeled her face."

The attack was so vicious it was heard throughout the building.

"It sounded like she was fighting for her life. "

A woman who lives in the building but also asked not to be identified, listened in horror as her neighbor was beaten.

"I wanted to help her, but I was afraid. The only think I could think of was to call the police."

Fortunately, the police were already in route and they actually caught the suspect in the act. The victim's mother describes what happened next.

"He did have his trousers off. They caught him just before his final act. "

Police say the suspect bolted for the door and even after being tasered several times, continued to run. He was eventually caught and arrested. He's currently in the Macomb County Jail awaiting his arraignment.

As for the victim, her road to recovery will be long and painful. Her mother can hardly bare to look at her in her current state.

"I'm looking at her and I can't even believe it. It's just unbelievable. I can't even comprehend it. "

But she does have a message for single women throughout the Metro area.

She says, "Be aware of your surroundings and be careful who you open the door for. "

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